Capita PLC

Capita PLC are regarded as one of the UK’s largest business process outsourcing companies.

About This Project

For over 30 years, they have worked with clients spanning both the private and public sectors with clients that include banks, telecommunications providers, local and central Government. From increasing productivity and enhancing the use of technology to improving customer and public services, Capita PLC solve the complex problems that nobody else can.

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The Brief

The brief that we received required us to work with several clients that all come under the Capita PLC umbrella. These companies were Knowledgepool, Capita Apprenticeships, Blue Sky and Brightwave, and all had separate requirements that needed to be fulfilled. From building and maintaining websites to providing SEO services, we were tasked with promoting awareness of the various campaigns that Capita PLC run.

The Solution

For the websites, we worked closely with the team from Capita PLC to design and build each of their websites. We designed each website with its own identity but did so in such a way that made this identity distinctly recognisable as being associated with Capita PLC. The Capita PLC branding was included so that the companies wouldn’t seem disconnected from the main entity. For their SEO campaigns, we provided deep competitor analysis which allowed us to compare the traffic and messaging against that produced by Capita PLC. This gave us an indication of where their competitors were at with their own campaigns which enabled us to adapt our approach accordingly. A key goal of our client was to promote awareness, not only of their company but of their apprenticeship programmes too.